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Do you do commissioned work? I would be interested in more scenarios and enemies with ur style

Iam using your asset pack as a base for many gfx in this new game.

Ok i credit you in the help screen of it?

Want to credit when your assets help me alot.

Feel free to credit me it’s very much appreciated thank you 😀

Ok that i link to your art pages like this ?


Your art saved my butt on the 2.7 update and is kickass ;)

Here is wath i did with your art.

Updated version only on android so far...

Dude it’s awesome how u implement these assets game is looking incredible, ur killing it 😀

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Nice work. Thanks. It's perfect for my little puzzle-platformer. Its under what kind of license ?

Heya, I’m glad u like my work all my assets are free to use in any way ud like credit is appreciated but not necessary Also a link to ur game would be cool love seeing what people do with my assets.


Please change the theme to more CYBERPUNK and I will buy it instantly. Like cyberpunk neon signs, buildings, skyies. Come on, don't waste your time on space sci-fi...