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Hey yo!
I used this for a Secret Santa game, was fun.



Hello, I bought your resource pack

Can I use it commercially anywhere?

I think you can use it commercially because he/she mentioned it in a comment a few months ago... (just look down in the comments)

the arms dealer's shop has no animation

I love this pack! Everything looks so beautiful and the animations are flawless- great job! :D

option just to buy guns and character sprites would be nice.

Iam using your asset pack as a base for many gfx in this new game.

Ok i credit you in the help screen of it?

Want to credit when your assets help me alot.

hey what are the sprite dimensions? 32x32?

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seems like 16x16 - but some sprite are overlapping with the next tile. e.g. outdoor tilemap.

also in this tilemap the cave entrace is not fitting to the walls.

@moose-stache will u fix it?

are the maps already made?

Any chance you can share the palette you used? :)

Hi , How do I convert this instead of using guns , they have swords or other melee weapons

Deleted 4 years ago

Yes all my assets are free to use anyway you'd like credit is appreciated but not necessary

Beautiful art and animations!


Cheers buddy 😀

Used this awesome art pack to update some of the art in my free game.

Yes its a fps but fitted like a glove..

Pixelstein 3d

The game looks awesome and what a creative way of using the assets would have never thought of putting into a 3D game love it

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Your art pack worked so well that i might pick one more up ;)

I dont earn any money so far on it but someday maybe ;)

Iam constantly updating this game as it got unexpectedly popular in december last year on android.

Just published a free game that use your stuff! You are mentioned in the credits :)

For the Cake:

Like that Enter the Gungeon style.

Puedo  utilizar esto para un juego comercial ?

Good afternoon, does this package contain GUI items? Life counter, inventory and etc?

what a nice asset

hey, dude, make some GUI, please...

looking for to see the updates...!

Kudos for continuing to update this asset pack past version 1. It looks awesome and it just keeps getting better!

Are you guys open for commissions? I'll be looking for some bespoke work in the near future and your style seems to align with what I'm looking for.

Nice package ! but i can't see coin's shadow, i still can see it in your demo video ?! 

Thank you for the update 1.4! :D

cheers I’m glad u like it got more to come soon

Deleted post

Cheers mate glad u like it

I really like your animations (the rising skeleton is Awesome!). 

Cheers mate support means a lot!

Thanks for staying active on this pack. Bought it, and I'm also following you for anything else you might make. Cheers!


Cheers for the support, the next update should be out in the next few days and it will be destructible objects

Hi dude, thank you for sharing your work with us. This asset pack is great! Do you have plans to include the destructible box (from the demo) or another kind of destructible assets (walls, doors ...)?


Alright mate I had forgotten to add the destroyable crate so cheers for the update its added now and also ive included the crosshair to, next ill be working on buttons for the ui and ill make a few more destructible item.

Wow! Awesome!

Awesome asset. I bought it for my game, exactly what I wanted. But, can you make some buttons, like play, pause, quit? You know, they are quite necessary... Thanks!

Deleted 3 years ago

Just about to upload a frog sprite, but what I have planned is just to expand it with new tilemaps , npc, sprites , just trying to keep adding stuff to give people something new to work with

Hi, dude. I loved your assets. I'm considering hard to buy it for a game idea... If I do, will I have all the future updates? One other thing, what are the odds to you decrease a little its value? Because I'll have to pay 4 or 5 times the value due currency exchange (I'm from Brazil)... Thanks a lot!


Hi there, may I ask what is the license and/or conditions applied to your assets? Thank you!

Heya all assets are completed free to use anyway u wish credit is appreciated but not necessary.

Am I the only one that does not see an option to buy this?

Yeah totally forgot to click the pay option its all setup now sorry about that.

Thanks for access. I grabbed it immediately! Is there a standard palette you are using for this asset?

Cheers for the purchase and the palette I use is edg32


Could you make a cyberpunk theme in this art style? I would grab it in a second!

Ill definitely keep it in mind mate